Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Bike update

Been a while since I've updated the status on my chopper bike, so I thought I'd give it a rundown.

  • Bought some baby apehangers and a bullet-style headlight. The light's sitting a little higher than I wanted it, but I think it still looks good. I've gotta finish installing the new brake levers, then I can throw on the red metalflake grips I bought, too
  • Tore it down for paint today. Is there some kind of law that the paint (or in this case primer) you've got is only gonna do 90% of the job? Anyway, I'm off to Home Depot tomorrow for more. I figure the full-price Rustoleum probably contains more per can than their cheaper Painter's Touch line, so that's what I'm gonna try. Need to grab more flat black, too.
  • Also, a quick hit from the Well of Unintended Learning: When taking apart some small assembly to see how it's held together--say, a cheapo Chinese shifter--organize it as you go so you know how it goes back together. Or, you know, learn it the hard way. Again and again.

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