Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drinking age: 55

I can't decide offhand whether Fred J. Eaglesmith is the best country singer in Canada, or just somewhere in the top three[*], but he's definitely the best stage banter artist. Here he is, demonstrating why on an unreleased tune called "Tryin' to Buy Alcohol in Abilene."

[*] The other two: Stompin' Tom Connors and Corb Lund.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I love the smell of rust in the afternoon

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle aside, the man in the brown truck came through today--as did the person in the red-and-white postiemobile yesterday--with like 100 pounds altogether of vintage Henry Ford and/or new-in-box Speedway Motors goodness. As seen in the above pic, I've now got a drilled '40 Ford axle--bought from the owner of a Canadian Hot Rods & Classics cover car, no less!--a pair of split wishbones of unknown vintage, and not pictured, another set of split 'bones, and a brand new pair of rear hairpin radius rods. I'm on the hunt for a set of early Ford V8 or F1 spindles, plus a buncha stuff that I'm probably gonna wind up getting new from the aftermarket:

  • spring perches

  • kingpins

  • a disc brake kit

  • shackels

  • a front spring

Throw in whatever miscellaneous hardware I'm gonna need--U-bolts, spring clamps and the like, and I'll be ready to mockup a frame with 2x4s, then order the real deal in solid steel. Well, 2x3x.188 wall rectangular tube steel, but you get the general idea...