Saturday, October 1, 2005

Found this on the Jockey Journal forums: Home Made Honda's low buck transformation of a '70s CB750 into a '50s style bobber. I love that style of bike, and it's pretty bitchin' seeing a homemade one built from low buck Jap technology. (The guy didn't give budget info or anything, but I bet you could build two or three of those for the price of a Harley-style crate motor, let alone the insane megabux a pro-built chopper goes for.) Not 100% sure I dig how wide the four cylinder Honda engine looks, but it does look kinda hot rod-y all sitting out in the wind and dominating the look. Maybe one of these days I'll build one myself, but I might prefer a Yamaha Virago or something as donor bike--V-twin motor, neat lookin' no downtube frame and there's enough of 'em still around parts availability shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Just daydreamin' here, but you gotta dream big, right?

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