Monday, January 26, 2009

Carts of Darkness

The scene:  The affluent, hilly and eco-conscious streets of North Vancouver.  In the shadow of one of the world's finest ski/snowboard hills, on the same streets that gave rise to the world champion downhill longboard teams of Rayne and Landyachtz, there's another breed of insane thrill-seekers on the loose.  Every city in North America has hordes of homeless people filling shopping carts with discarded empties, scraping up enough for a slice of pizza and a day's worth of booze or drugs five cents at a time--but it becomes a little bit different when they can reach speeds of 70+ km/h bombing hills on those carts.  The NFB's Murray Siple tells the story:

(Incedentally, this is the first I've seen of the NFB's new post-YouTube site... well done, lads!)

edit: If the embed isn't working for you, the full length film is here.


Smug Bastard said...

Simply speechless. What a wonderful piece of documentary art.

Anonymous said...

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