Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ye cannae' change the laws o' physics, Captain!

There's a term in German, which translates roughly as earworm (I believe the original term is something like achtungeinzweivolkswagenleibensraumlengthendeustchenwordmitdercreepyfandomdasderdavidhasselhoff)[*] At any rate, it means "unwelcome song stuck in your head", but the word always reminds me of that scene in Star Trek II where Khan sticks that space slug in Chekhov's ear to try to discover the secret of the fine Corinthian leather the Federation used to upholster the luxurious USS Plymouth Reliant. Which kinda makes this video... apropriate, somehow.

[via the artist formerly known as ambush bugPhasor Burn]

[*] This, clearly, is a joke upon the Germans and their habit of forming ridiculously long compound words to describe every single situation, or as they would have it, gesundheitdasistcompletelytruethatanyphraseingermansoundenderscarylikeeinerammsteinlyric. [**]
[**] This, clearly, is an unnecessary footnote to explain a joke that probably wasn't all that funny to begin with, or as the Germans would call it, blinkenlightsistnichtfuhrgerfingerpokenuntnomatterhowmanyfootnotesyouuseyouarestillnotdavidfosterwallacejackassenschnitzelbratwurst.


Anonymous said...

Booga booga, Mad Axe Max. I found ye just the other day and added ye blog to mine bloglines subscription. Ha, I'll bet Melvin pointed you at that posting . . .

arto said...

I wondered who the other Bloglines subscriber was. I mean, I enjoy subscribing to my own blog and going "Lookit me! I'm on the Internet!" as much as anyone (possibly more than most sane people) but it's nice to actually have an audience once in a while.

Shoot me an email sometime--thearto a t gmail d o t com.