Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stephen says you're on notice!

Behold the glory that is the Colbert Report "On Notice Board" generator... and tremble, ye mighty, before its wrath.

[via xoverboard]


Paul Mason said...

Great blog and find for me. My father and mother were good friends of Karl and Veda Orr. I have a good pict of Karl and Veda with their matching race cars. My dad at the time had a 32 Ford Roadster and raced at the dry lakes with Karl and Veda. Last time I saw them was when they came to visit at Lake Tahoe with my parents.

arto said...

Really? Wow, that's pretty fantastic. I've only ever read about that era of racing in books and on the internet, but I'm blown away by what they were able to fashion out of those old Fords. The raw speeds might not look like much in the era of 200mph supercars, but when you realize that is was a big deal in 1947 that Jaguar came out with a car that could come close to 120mph, it seems pretty impressive that the early SCTA folks were able to reach those kind of speeds ten years earlier with cast-away Depression-era technology.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it. You should definitely take a look through the Jalopy Journal if you dig the early-style hot rods.