Saturday, June 3, 2006

It ain't Paso, but it'll do

I went to the Diablos'[*] Rockabilly, uh, Whatchamadoodle[**] hot rod show today. Not a huge turnout--there were maybe 40 or 50 cars and a dozen or so bikes when I got there--but there were definitely some high-quality rides present. Nice tunes, too. Anyway, if you're craving eye candy[***], I've got all the goodies on my Flickr page. Or at least all the goodies I could capture given my sudden onset of memorycardus forgetticus.

[*] The Calgary Diablos, not the Liberty City ones.

[**] Ten second's googlage tells me it's plain old "Rockabilly Car Show", and not some catchy "Rockabilly Rat Rod Rumble Rebellion"-type thing. Hey, a rose by any other name etc. etc., right?

[***] "Candy" being a not-so-accurate term given my photographic ability. 'Spose I oughtta wipe the dust of my lens sometime this year, eh?

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