Friday, April 28, 2006

Do you want New Wave or do you want the truth?

Remember the oppressive boredom and the rising tide of conservatism that was the early '80s? Me neither. If I did, I'm pretty sure my coping strategy would have involved Hot Wheels cars, the Dukes of Hazzard and the Sesame Street Capital I song. But if I was a teen or twentysomething back then, it definitely would have required some sort of punk rock treatment. Thus, today's video schnippetry:
The Clash on NBC doing "The Magnificent Seven" and "This Is Radio Clash". Missing in action: Spiky '77 punk hair. Present and correct: Dive-bomber sound effects, real-time live graffiti.
Devo on the David Letterman show. Missing: Flower pot hats. Present and correct: Keytar!

Oh, and the post title? A reference to awe-inspiring West Coast punk oddballs, the Minutemen, here seen singing "Politcal Song For Michael Jackson to Sing":

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