Friday, February 24, 2006

"Aaaah, that's one heck of a nurse."

Perhaps one of the greatest televisual artefacts of the Jack-FM generation, and the greatest justification for Phil Collins' existence outside of that one point in "In The Air Tonight" when the tom-toms come in--c'mon, you know you air-drum to that when no-one's looking, too--Brit puppet satirists Spitting Image doing the video for Genesis' "Land of Confusion." The following are not safe from mockery: Reagan, Thatcher, the Ayatollah, Godzilla, Mr. Spock, Live Aid and of course, Genesis themselves. Click the pic and crank yr speakers.

(I still reserve the right to find the earlier, obtuse and pretentious prog rock of their Peter Gabriel/"The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" era better musically, though.)

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