Friday, January 27, 2006

Open up your ears and clean out your eyes

Music video addicts, meet your new crack. WFMU alerted me to the existence of this ILX thread linking to about a metric gazillion rare/underground music videos on YouTube. (YouTube's previous claim to fame was being the world's number one place to watch bored teenagers crack fart jokes and injure each other without the multiple horrors of interacting with actual bored teenagers.)

Thrill! to quasi-blues wierdnik Captain Beefheart on some circa-1966 Dick Clark Beach Hullabaloo show!

Spill! to Iggy and the Stooges' proto-punk/free-jazz mashup, with helpful play-by-play during Iggy's crowd-surfing antics! ("That looks like peanut butter, folks!")

Chill! to the Miles Davis quintet doing "So What"--but remember, you're never gonna out-cool Miles. Not when John Coltrane whips out the sax. You'll be thinking bluelight revelations from an elder god, Miles was thinking "Smoke break!"

Hang around the arcade and Mill! about to Rush's spot-on evocation of '80s suburban teen angst, ennui and maybe even some emotions that have names in English, Subdivisions.

All of which might drive you to take a Pill! to the trippy backdrop of Yo La Tengo, Spacemen 3 and, er, whatever the hell this thing is. (Remember, kids, song titles and band names are good, unpronounceable jumbles of punctuation not so good.)

You might wanna avoid the drugs, though. Otherwise you're gonna wind up killing your neighbours over a dandelion, or worse yet sharing an awkward cab-ride with John Lennon and Bob Dylan. Don'r say I didn't warn you.

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